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Experience and Expertise

At Chris Harmon Law, we believe that experience is the cornerstone of a successful law practice. Our firm offers the skilled legal advice and representation you seek when the need for an attorney arises. With an in-depth understanding of California's employment and personal injury laws, we are committed to delivering exceptional legal skills, practical solutions, and unwavering professional integrity. Chris Harmon Law works diligently to help you achieve the best possible outcomes in the following practice areas:

Employment Law:

- Age Discrimination

- Breach of Contract

- Civil Rights Violations

- Unpaid Commission Wages

- Disability & Workers' Compensation

- Disability Discrimination

- Employee Status

- Equal Pay Claims

- Failure to Pay Minimum Wage/Overtime Wages

- Failure to Provide Complete and Timely Meal & Rest Breaks

- Failure to Pay Commissions/Bonuses

- Failure to Pay Timely Wages Upon Separation

- Gender Discrimination

- Hostile Workplace

- Implied & Oral Contracts

- Job Discrimination

- Non-Competition Clauses

- Misclassification As Exempt Employee

- Other Types of Harassment

- Pregnancy Discrimination

- Racial Discrimination

- Religious Discrimination

- Retaliation

- Sexual Harassment

- Sexual Orientation

- Sexual Discrimination

- Tip Pooling

- Vacation Pay

- Wage & Overtime

- Whistleblowing

- Wrongful Termination

Personal Injury Law:

- Birth Injuries

- Hit & Run Accidents

- Medical Errors

- Medication Errors

- Motor Vehicle Accidents

- Nursing Home Injuries/Death

- Elder Financial Abuse

- Physical Abuse/Assault/Battery

- Product Liability Matters

- Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

- Spinal Injuries

- Wrongful Death

Our Approach

At Chris Harmon Law, we take pride in forming genuine connections with our clients. We excel at simplifying complex legal issues, ensuring clear comprehension. Our unwavering dedication is evident in our commitment to assisting clients in every situation. We treat our clients with the utmost respect, taking the time to ensure a thorough understanding of the process. When facing life-altering decisions, you deserve an attorney who listens attentively, conducts a comprehensive examination of the facts, and provides optimal solutions for your future. We do not back down until you secure the justice you rightly deserve.

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